Every Friday am I grab my phone and start to flip through pictures from the week, like a re-cap of sorts starting to highlight all of my favourite things, moments and experiences.  This has become such a routine that the kids get in on it and they start to talk about their favourite things that happened this week.  When I started “My Favourite Things This Week” it was all about “stuff” – latest trends, finds and must-haves – and as much as I love all of those things – and at the risk of sounding cliche – the “stuff” is not the important stuff, and if that is what fills your highlight reel week after week I think it’s time you start to look beyond the stuff.  This reminder for me comes in the form of a 9, 5 and 2 year old.

Here are some of my favourite things this week:

#BellLetsTalk.  I love this initiative.  But what I love more is the concept behind it – to raise awareness, start a conversation and free the stigma.  I always find it incredible that all it takes is an idea like this to bring people together for an amazing cause.  We need more of them.  And I also think it’s a reminder that social media can be used in such a powerful and positive way if we choose to use it that way.  I think we need to have a lot more honest conversation with ourselves and others – and this is such a great initiative to encourage that. For the record $6,585,250 was raised in one day alone.

Staycation.  We surprised the kids with an overnight trip to Toronto last weekend for my husband’s birthday.  We told them that we had a surprise for them – without hesitation Katie guessed a Disney Cruise (I swear the bar was set WAY too high with the firstborn) and Emmett guessed Nebs Fun World (otherwise known as a dirty bowling alley with overpriced arcade games where you can trade in about $50 tickets for a halloween sized chocolate bar).  The day was filled with the simplest things from Starbucks, the Hockey Hall of Fame, a subway ride and dinner at Real Sports (thanks to some sweet talking by a determined mom of 3 and nominee for wife of the year).  Sometimes you just need to step out of your routine and pull the trigger on doing something you’ve talked about doing for years.  Their favourite part?  watching a movie in the hotel room and getting ice from the ice machine – of course….’cuz that is TOTALLY different than getting ice from the ice dispenser in our fridge at home and watching a movie on Netflix – ha ha ha!

Chanel.  I was lying with my eyes closed waiting for a yoga class to start the other day.  Beside me was someone wearing Chanel No. 5.  I know it because it was what my Nana always wore and I haven’t smelt it in years.  Maybe it was hormones (I mean, I think post 3 babes it doesn’t really take much to unleash them) but tears literally filled my eyes.  Have you ever had a moment when you are overcome with emotion just with a simple scent of something?  When Katie and I were at the Eaton Centre I decided it was time to start my own collection so we made our way to Saks.  When I was telling the girls working there the story their eyes started filling with tears too (maybe they were hormonal too – not sure) and they just started filling my bag with samples, upon samples.  Think about how often we walk around with our stories and emotions just waited to be triggered or unleashed by things – but rarely do we stop to open up about them.  When you do, you open it up for others to do the same.  Worst case you’ll be tearing up in Saks over a bottle of Chanel No. 5 😉

Model.  Ok this is funny.  I think I have been asked at least 25 times this past week if this is my in the latest Chapters Indigo Ad.  I’m not going to lie – even I had to do a double take when I saw it.  I think we don’t often see ourselves in the light that everyone else does.  We hold onto and give attention to the areas that we don’t completely love and accept about ourselves while everyone sees us glow.  We’ve all had those moments in life when someone says “oh you look just like that person” and you don’t see it – like, at all.  I don’t necessary think it’s because of the physical look as much as it is the vibe, energy, qualities and things that we associate with them.  Case in point – this picture is the back of a girls head sitting with a yoga mat and overpriced water bottle (that I own)……pretty safe to say my theory is right on this one.  What do you think people associate with you?  hmmmm food for thought right?

What are some of your favourite things this week?